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A first look at Pakistan’s most anticipated feature film ‘WAAR’.

Starring: Shaan Shahid, Aisha Khan, Shamoon Abbasi, Meesha Shafi, Ali Azmat & Hamza Abbasi.
Line Producer : Jameel Ahmed
Writer / Executive Producer : Hassan Rana
Director / Director of Photography: Bilal Lashari

Release date of WAR  وار
Action Thriller
Mind Works Media
Inspired by true events, the film gives a fresh and stylized perspective on the current situation that Pakistan faces. The film is going to be a visual treat for the cinema goers and the plot shall take them on a roller coaster ride
Shan Shahid, Shamoon Abbasi, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Ali Azmat, Aisha Khan, Meesha Shafi
Directed by
Bilal Lashari
Written By
Hassan Waqas Rana
Produced by
Hassan Waqas Rana


War Pakistani movie

I just want to say that how humbled I am for all the support that you all have extended for our work. I thank you all from the very bottom of my heart and I thank you all on behalf of my Team WAAR. There are two things I would like to clear, which have been raised through some of the comments that I have read. No. 1: ISPR or Pakistan Armed Forces have not contributed a single penny for this project, this project was entirely funded from my own pocket and sources. The film however highlights all the sacrifices that our Armed Forces, police and other Law enforcement agencies have rendered in this war which have never been acknowledged by the world. With this film I wanted to show the world, what we are truly made off, how we fight using our very limited resources, how each and every true Pakistani holds his and her head high under fire and have capacity and capability of showing unparalleled grace under pressure. So please know this even if I had to sell my soul to make the world see my country the way I see it, a country the foundations of which has the blood of my own family in them, I would do it every day of the week and twice on sunday, In short I wanted to say I love my country and this is how I am contributing to its future. No.2: Be very, very proud of the fact that, the entire production is done by Pakistanis not even a single foreigner was involved in any aspect of the production of the feature. We had people from Hollywood who did come here and trained most of the team and in this regard it would be unfair if I do not acknowledge the contribution of Mr. Luke Rocheleau (thanks luke). Warner Brothers and any other studios shall only be involved at the distribution stage and some post production shall be done there. So its not a WB film (yet) its a Mindworks Production and MindWorks is entirely a Pakistani Company and if you cut any one in this company they will all bleed Pakistani Flag Green. Take care of your selves and this beautiful and wonderful country of ours, have a great 2012. Yours truly. Hassan Waqas Rana (Executive Producer/Writer/Action Director)

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