Sep 112012

Qura’an ghar mein hai magar hum padhte nahi
Zara bhi allah ka khof hum karte nahi

Zalzalo k jhatko se hum uth jate hai fouran

sun kar azaan kabhi hum uthte nahi

Hume aati hai musibat to allah yaad aata hai
warna to kabhi hum sajde me sir rakhte nahi

kano mein bhala kaise aaye azaan ki awaaz
Band to tv hum kabhi karte nah

Surat se to insaan nazar aate hai hum
magar seerat se to musalman lagte hi nahi……..

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Sep 022012

‎’Alone! ‘ I cried again.
‘Alone I am with me!
Lonely in a world of mist
Alone, I reach to touch your wrist
And see if I am thee.’

To be alone beside a soul
Afloat, adrift; an empty ghoul
Alone in woe; the yearning flesh
To fill a thin, contorted mesh
Diffuse atop an icy floor, alone.

So much alone in fact, I lack
The tonal vibrancy of life:

I am a song without a tune
A greying sky in June

The blueness of a sullen moon
– waning in a starless night–

Coasting down a weedy pass
The only image in the glass

To meet a certain heavy fate
– to turn and shut the knurly gate–


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